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From a simple step to a brand new drive way, MT Paving can help you to get more from your home, our main services include...

Block paving

Tarmac Drives


Gates, railing and fencing

Brick work

Retaining walls


Custom border solutions


Crazy paving


Repairs and renovations

Inprint concrete



Block Paving

All of our driveways are carried out to the specified depth of 250mm and all previous materials are removed and disposed of properly. Once the excavation is complete we’ll lay a Geo-tex membrane to prevent weed growth and add strength before the MOT type 1 aggregate stone is laid on top. Our preparation will continue by compacting this layer before laying any finishing clockwork or tarmac.

Then 50mm of grit sand is spread across the project and compacted mechanically. After this a screed is then applied to work out all water flow and levels. All of this means that you’ll have a great looking driveway that will add real value to your home.

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Block Paving

Flagging, Patios & Stonework

All of our projects begin with a full and thorough excavation. All of our excavations are carried out to the specified depth of 250mm and all previous materials are removed and disposed of properly.

Then we create a solid concrete base to ensure that there is no unevenness or ‘rocking’ when the flags are laid on top. Further to this concrete is applied around each flag or block before a mortar mix is applied to finish the project properly. We can even add a special dye to the mortar mix if you’d like a slightly different finish to your perfect stonework project.

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When we carry out a tarmac project, you know it’s going to be done properly. We begin by fully excavating the site and removing all rubbish. MOT type 1 aggregate stone is laid on top to a depth of 100mm – 150mm, this is compressed mechanically to create a solid base. On to this we add 50mm tarmac, followed by 30mm topping tarmac.

This topping tarmac is compressed mechanically to create a finish surface that is solid, smooth and safe to be driven on. As a finishing touch you could select to have a block work border on your tarmac project. Just ask to see the great variety of blocks that we can provide.

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Tarmac Drive Didsbury Manchester


When it comes to creating a beautiful and welcoming garden, nothing looks better than a healthy green lawn. We can help you to create a beautiful green space with high quality turf laid to an equally high standard.

We insist on using a good quality top soil, which we would machine to create a flat surface, then top with grit and sand before screeding to ensure a perfect flat finish before laying the turf. This thorough approach will create a great lawn that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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Brickwork and Garden Walls

We take great pride in offering a range of patterned and brick garden walls. This means we can offer the perfect solution to match your house or taste.

You can utilise our expertise in walls to support your greenhouse, retain a soil bank, form an edge or division, house a BBQ, raise a planting bed, enclose your wheely-bins or compost heap, help to provide a level site for the patio, screen off neighbours to provide privacy, or simply act as a boundary. Whatever you need – we can help.

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When it comes to fencing your property, we can lend an expert hand. Our experience means we can provide high quality bases, posts and of course fence panels. Depending on your project we can even provide a made-to-measure service that will solve problems in awkward or unique spaces.

Whatever you need, you know you can rely on us to deliver a brilliant solution and a great looking, high quality end product.

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