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Brickwork, Bricklayers and Pointing Covering Chorlton, Didsbury Greater Manchester

MT Paving is made up of a team of skilled tradesmen who have been working together for over 15 years

Brickwork, Bricklayers and Pointing

Brickwork, Bricklayers and Pointing - We pride ourselves on being honest and reliable and guarantee all of our work!

Brickwork & Pointing for Homes & Gardens in Chorlton, Didsbury Greater Manchester

Bricklaying and pointing are more than just building processes; they are arts that take many years of experience to perfect. Laid correctly, brick work is solid, safe, durable and attractive and can be used to great effect throughout the home and garden.

Just as important as the bricks is the state of the pointing between them. This forms the first line of defence against the ingress of water and also enhances the appearance of the whole structure. Neglected pointing and damaged bricks not only look ugly, they will eventually lead to serious weather erosion, causing damage and costing a lot of money in remedial work.

MT Paving are qualified to take on all types of small aspect brick work. For example, we can build or repair a garden wall to provide privacy, mark and secure a boundary, retain a soil bank or enclose compost heaps or wheelie bins. We can also provide the quality stable brick work you need to support a barbecue area, greenhouse or planting bed. Then there are the mainly decorative types of brick work that are laid to such great effect in some of Manchester’s most attractive gardens.

As well as the quality of your brick work, the state of your pointing is crucial, both in terms of its water-repellent function and its visual appeal. Often the state of a building’s pointing can determine whether a home is viewed by potential buyers or passed on by. Our skill in pointing will ensure that all of our brick work is impervious to the elements and looks superb. We also offer a high quality brick work repair and repointing service to address areas of concern you may have with your house, exterior walls, driveway or other brick structures.

If you need a brick work structure that fits in with your preferred taste, or to complement existing brick structures within or near your property, our flexibility, experience and extensive range of materials will ensure we can deliver exactly what you need.

With over 15 years of working together, the MT Paving team have the experience and workmanship to meet, and often exceed, your exacting standards. Our attention to detail is second to none and we have plenty of ideas if you are struggling for inspiration. All of our work is fully guaranteed and we offer a free, no obligation quotation.

To discuss your project call 07540 073447 and arrange for your free no obligation quotation

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