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Garden Walls, Brickwork and Stonework Experts Covering Greater Manchester

MT Paving is made up of a team of skilled tradesmen who have been working together for over 15 years

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We pride ourselves on being honest and reliable and guarantee all of our Garden Walls, Brickwork and Stonework!

Garden Walls, Brickwork and Stonework Specialists

If you are considering any type of brickwork or stonework in the Chorlton area, whether for a garden wall or some other functional or decorative structure, talk to MT Paving first. Well thought out and constructed brickwork and stonework can dramatically enhance the appearance and atmosphere of a garden space, while good quality garden walls can maximise privacy and security and help you and your family to feel safe at home.

Brick and stone garden walls can transform even the most ordinary garden into a distinguished and tranquil space by providing wind breaks, protection from prying neighbours and improved security while adding height that can be used to encourage climbing plants and even songbirds. As well as taking care of your boundary walls, MT Paving can carry out any brickwork or stonework necessary for building retaining walls and decorative borders or constructing barbecues, raised beds or coal bins and most other small aspect garden work.

If your existing brick structures are looking worse for wear, we can also repair and repoint them to restore their previous appearance and ability to withstand the elements.

What often sets MT Paving apart from similar bricklaying companies in the Chorlton area is our commitment to preparation and proper process. Regardless of the purpose of your brick or stone wall, we will always ensure the correct foundations and footings are in place to prevent slippage and protect from frost damage. Where applicable we will also install a damp course to ensure your new structure is safe from rising damp. We also appreciate that our workspace is your home and so we are always careful to remove any debris from site as soon as practicable so as to leave your garden looking neat and tidy.

Garden walls often look best when tied in with the overall style of the home, but whether you opt for a contemporary, classic or traditional rustic style, MT Paving have the knowhow and experience to carry out the work to a premium standard. We have access to a broad range of materials with plenty of colours, shapes and styles to choose from. We only use high quality stockists, so you can be confident that your completed brick or stone wall will be built to last. If desired, we can incorporate all kinds of decorative and functional features into or around your garden walls. From weather-resistant coping and pillars and caps to paving, edging and integrated steps, we can bring your designs to fruition (and even offer our own informed advice from the countless projects we have been involved in throughout the Chorlton area and beyond). We are also able to install fences, railings and palisades to further bolster the security and privacy of your precious garden space. If you want to improve your garden but are short on ideas, we recommend you browse our online gallery for inspiration or simply call us to ask for our advice.

Whatever your requirements, our experience of more than 15 years in the trade means that we will almost certainly be able to find a solution that works for your Chorlton home. We are committed to providing a high quality service and giving your project that attention to detail that makes all the difference between an average result and an exceptional one. Please call us for a free, no-obligation quotation.

To discuss your project call 07540 073447 and arrange for your free no obligation quotation

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